Do you think choosing the eye shadow color is difficult? Here is the answer

Choosing the perfect eye makeup can prove to be challenging, as it involves choosing shades matching your style and skin tone. There are various shades of eye shadow that can be used for different occasions. These shades can help you to bring out your natural beauty.  Let’s take a look at some points that can help you to choose best shades for eye makeup and help you to get the best out of those sexy angelic eyes!

Eye shadow should suit your outfit

Thanks to too much competition, there are hundreds of eye shadow colors available in the market. Devices like 3D makeup printers can create almost every color possible. So, if you are too confused while choosing the best possible eye shadow color, you can simply choose the one which suits or compliments your dress. For example, grey and black complement each other, brown and pink suit each other. In-case of red colored dress, green eye shadow can prove to be the best choice.

Choosing eye makeup on the basis of activity, time and venue

Experts suggest that highly saturated and bright eye shadow colors like blue and yellow can help you to grab everyone’s attention during dinner occasion, parties, or even while dancing in nightclub.

Silver, pink, tan, and brown eye shadow color can prove to be best for lunch, school or work. Subtler shades can prove to be perfect for almost every occasion during day time. While dramatic and bold eye shadow colors are perfect for events taking place during evening.

Neutral shades can prove to be life savers

Creating that natural look might not prove to be simple. But, in case of emergency, neutral shades such as subtle silver, light brown, tan, fawn, and beige can prove to be life savers. These shades can help you to bring out your natural beauty, and they look good with almost all colored outfits. Neutral shades are popularly used with bold outfits.

Here are some recommendations that can help to enhance hazel, green, brown, and blue eyes.

  • Green eyes

Green eyes look best with purple eye shadow makeup. Adding bolder color on the center of eyelid can easily enhance green eyes, and make you as beautiful as Kristen Stewart. Using brown shade with reddish undertone can definitely force those boys to stare at you. Pink, rust, sepia can prove to be good as well.

  • Brown eyes

Those with brown eyes can opt for considerable number of eye shadow colors, as brown is neutral, and matches with almost all colors. Teal shadows and purple can help women with brown eyes to remain in limelight. Peach and warm bronze are perfect to create that toned-down look. Green can also prove to be the best eye shadow for brown eyes. Overall, teal, navy, purple, peach and bronze can easily match brown.

  • Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes have natural radiance. Hazel is somewhere in between brown and green. Women with hazel eyes should avoid using gold color eye shadow makeup. Colors like yellow-brown, deep purple, burgundy, dusty pink, gray, plum, lavender, and violet can easily match hazel eyes. Choose anyone out of these colors, and you may look as beautiful as Camilla Belle.

  • Blue eyes

Makeup artist Marina Gravani suggests that individuals with blue eyes should not distract the beauty of their eye by using much color on lid.  She also suggests that women with deep navy blue eyes should opt for eggplant color. Peach, yellow-beige, champagne, bronze, gold are best shades for those with sexy blue eyes.

Never use makeup in case of allergy

Dermatologists suggest that some people might feel allergic to nail polish, shampoos, moisturizers, perfumes, hair dyes, detergents, bath soaps, lip stains and eye makeup as well. In-case if your skin starts itching develops blisters, swelling or redness after applying makeup; your skin might be allergic to that makeup.

After noticing symptoms for allergy, the first step that you should take is stop using the product which you think is the reason behind allergy.  Hydrocortisone cream can help in reducing inflammation. However, it should not be applied on face. You should immediately visit your doctor’s clinic to take further treatment for allergy.

Your eyes can appear wider, smaller, and larger with the help of eye shadow. Your eyes will not only look sophisticated and beautiful, but they will also attract everyone’s attention if you wear the right makeup. You can also make them appear closer together or farther apart by choosing the best eye makeup.  Apply your makeup properly, and make sure that you follow all the instructions given by your makeup artist/ makeup manufacturer while removing makeup.